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Valtorta App - Volunteer

Join the Team!

Volunteer on the Valtorta App Team to contribute your unique abilities to enhance the App and to help share Valtorta's remarkable writings with others. Below are the roles we need and are searching for:


  • Translator

    This role is crucial to bringing the App to other languages and thereby allowing more people to access its content.

    • Source languages: Italian, English
    • Destination languages: All

  • Designer

    This role is required to work on the interfaces of the new App functionalities as well as web interfaces. It is also required some modification of the existing design (for example to adapt the existing Palestine Map in the Italian language into other languages and thereby allow it to be accessible and easily understood by those from different countries).

  • Developer

    This role is required to work on the development of new and existing applications.

  • App Tester

    This role is to help test the App after software updates and new features are implemented. We need both Android device testers and iOS device testers.



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