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If you have an idea on how to improve the App, you can complete the Feature Suggestion form below. On this page, you can also view other user suggestions and vote on the features that you like.


  • 128 votes

    Entire Books on the App

    I've been looking within the App for the entire book of the Poem (5 volumes). I wish it will be incorporated in this App for easy access and reading.

  • 123 votes

    Traditional Calendar

    When is the new edition coming out for the 1962 missal?

  • 119 votes

    Book of Azariah

    Is there any way you could add the corresponding reading from The book of Azariah for each week?

  • 117 votes

    Use of different Gospel/Poem colors

    May I suggest you make the Gospel's text and Valtorta text be of different colors to delineate the two. Concept is like that of your coloured menu; for instance, using dark blue for the Gospels and black for the Poem.

  • 108 votes

    User data and Custom notes

    This proposal is to allow the user to register in the App with a Login for saving their own settings, reading status, preferred readings,...This module can integrate a personal note list where the user can copy the preferred text from the proposed readings and assign customized title to each note (like a topic name).

  • 106 votes


    I would like to see another section like the Parable section but with Valtorta's Prayers.

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