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Se hai qualche idea per migliorare questa App, puoi fornire un suggerimento compilando l'apposito modulo sulla destra. Di seguito sono anche riportati i suggerimenti di altri utenti, che puoi votare.


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    Entire Books on the App

    I've been looking within the App for the entire book of the Poem (5 volumes). I wish it will be incorporated in this App for easy access and reading.

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    Traditional Calendar

    When is the new edition coming out for the 1962 missal?

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    Book of Azariah

    Is there any way you could add the corresponding reading from The book of Azariah for each week?

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    Use of different Gospel/Poem colors

    May I suggest you make the Gospel's text and Valtorta text be of different colors to delineate the two. Concept is like that of your coloured menu; for instance, using dark blue for the Gospels and black for the Poem.

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    User data and Custom notes

    This proposal is to allow the user to register in the App with a Login for saving their own settings, reading status, preferred readings,...This module can integrate a personal note list where the user can copy the preferred text from the proposed readings and assign customized title to each note (like a topic name).

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    I would like to see another section like the Parable section but with Valtorta's Prayers.

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